If my roof has storm damage and I make an insurance claim, will my premium go up?

 Your premium will not increase if you make an insurance claim. The purpose of having insurance is to protect you and your home in the event of damage, therefore you will receive a new roof and will not see an increase in your insurance premium 

Is it okay to install new shingles over the old shingles?

 Old shingles can hide potential problems, such as bad wood and worn out flashing. By installing new shingles over them, you're playing roulette with your home. Your roof's structure could be sound, or it could have an unforeseen problem that could later lead to thousands of dollars in damage. The additional investment required to remove the old shingles is slight, and new shingles on a solid support system will provide you with a roof that will last years longer, perform better, and give you greater peace of mind. 

What are the advantages of installing dimensional shingles versus the standard three tab shingles?

 Dimensional shingles are a true investment. As opposed to three-tab shingles, dimensional shingles will increase the value of your home while saving you money. The wood structure in your roof can have an unsightly wave to it. Correcting this illusion costs thousands of dollars. Dimensional shingles hide this wavy appearance while giving your home's exterior a deep, rich, and refined look. 

Is attic ventilation important?

 Improperly venting your attic will shave years off of your roof's life and lead to a variety of hidden problems and costs. Improper ventilation will void your shingle manufacturer's warranty, cause your shingles to prematurely age, increase your utility bills, promote the wood within your roof to rot, and cause your paint to peel. Put simply, proper ventilation leads to a properly protected roof and home. 

How long should a roof last?

 Roofs are like tires. While a manufacturer may say a tire will last 60,000 miles, you should replace them at 40,000 to 45,000 miles. In roofing, most manufacturers produce 30-year shingles. However, the harshness of the climate affects that estimate. In colder climates, roofs generally need to be replaced every 16 to 22 years. Just as you don't want to risk driving on lo tire tread and having a blowout, you don't want to own a roof that's susceptible to leaking. It's better to replace your roof earlier before it fails and leads to bigger problems. 

How long will it take to complete the work?

 Depending upon architectural design of your home and barring any unforeseen situations, your roof should be completed in one day, on occasion two days, and seldom three or more. Extended construction time is needed when hidden damage to your roof's structure is discovered or if your roof has a complicated design. 


My roof is leaking right now. How can I wait for weeks for you to put on a new roof?

 Should the construction of your new roof be delayed, we will immediately "dry in" your current roof to temporarily repair your leak. The "dry in" will secure your home from any potential water damage until we are able to get to your home and build your custom roof. 

Why is it important to work with a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor?

 Many contractors do not have insurance licenses, which makes you liable for any damage or injuries their employees sustain while working on your home. And many contractors do not have contractor's licenses, which mean the work on your home could not be up to code, leaving you responsible to correct it later. 

How do you protect my landscaping?

 Your premises will be left exactly, if not better, than the way we found it. We will install tarps, plywood, and other levels of protection around your property, and in the unlikely instance something is damaged, we will correct it immediately at our cost. 

Do you hand nail?

 As a roofer tires, his hammering becomes increasingly erratic. Nails become bent or are not completely driven into the wood. A precisions Accu-Nail pressure-tested gun will be used to install your roof. Accu-Nail pressure-tested guns consistently drive each nail into the wood at the optimum level and provide superior holding power. 

Will you use caulk or tar to seal my roof?

 A tough-as-nails, high-grade commercial sealant will be used to seal your roof. Unlike tar, commercial sealants will not crack and split within a few years and cause water seepage. Commercial sealants will keep your home bone dry for the length of your roof's life. 

Is there a best brand of shingle or metal to use?

 All leading brands of shingles and metals are similar in quality and design. The best roofs are those that are built by the best companies.